T-shirt Quilts



 # of Shirts


   Approx. Finished Quilt Size 



 3 x 3

  49”  x  49” 




 3 x 4  

  49”  x  65”




 4 x 4

  65”  x  65”




 4 x 5

  65”  x  80”




 4 x 6

  65”  x  96”   

X-long Twin



 5 x 6 

  80”  x  96”




 6 x 6

  96”  x  96”



T-shirt blocks are designed around the size of the logos/pictures.  We will do our best to include as much of it as possible.  Smaller blocks may include sashing in order for all the rows to be equal in size.

T-Shirt Blocks: All t-shirt blocks are stabilized with a light weight fusible interfacing prior to quilt construction.

Preparation: All t-shirts should be washed without fabric softener prior to bringing or mailing to us. Any stains or fading will show up in the finished quilt.  Please do not cut your T-shirts ahead of time, we will do that for you.  Extra t-shirt fabric will be returned with the finished quilt only if requested ahead of time. 

If you would like to include both the front and back of a t-shirt it will be counted as 2 shirts.  Please mark all shirts with a safety pin on the side or sides that you want used.

Batting and Backing:  The batting is a high quality layer of a cotton/polyester blend sandwiched between the top and the backing.  Our backing fabric is a 100% cotton complementary color.

Quilting and Finishing:  Each quilt is professionally machine quilted in an overall pattern to provide a more stable and durable finished product.  A double thick binding is then applied to the outside edge to finish your quilt.  ***Please be aware that logos will be quilted over with the overall design. This in no way will detract from the look of the logos.

***A custom made t-shirt quilt takes time, so if it's a gift, please order at least three (3) months before the quilt is needed. 

A 50% deposit is required when you order your quilt and can be made by check, money order or cash.

When your quilt is done, I will email/call you for the balance via the methods mentioned above. Once payment is received, your quilt will be shipped. All quilts shipped to addresses within New York State are subject to NY sales tax.

Shipping and handling for your  quilt will be via USPS Priority, Fed Ex or UPS - whichever method you prefer and I charge by the weight of the quilt plus insurance.

Call me at 845-427-5720 or email me at mpkemk@gmail.com
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