Longarm Quilting

Pricing & Preparation

Machine Quilting Prices
Price is based on a per square inch charge.
To estimate your cost, multiply the length times the width
of the quilt to arrive at your square inch factor, then multiply this factor times the pattern price:
Example: 60 X 80 = 4800 X .0225 (Pattern Price) = $108.00

PLEASE NOTE: Cost of quilting does NOT include thread charges.

Minimum quilting charge: $50.00

Thread Color/Colors
$6.00 for 1st color, $3.00 for each color change.
Same color is used top and bottom. Specify if you want contrast or close to quilt color.

I stock Hobbs 80/20 on the roll. If you want a different batting, I will use it. If I buy it, I do charge the retail price. 

Quilt Preparation
Available at $20.00 per hour. Includes piecing back, adding borders, pressing top if needed. 
If any laundering is needed, it will be charged at $4.50 per large load. 

I will be happy to receive/send your quilts via USPS.
Let me know if you prefer UPS. I will email or call you upon receipt of your quilt. Insurance will be charged extra. Quilts will be mailed upon receipt of payment.

Click here for Work Order to be filled out, printed, and sent with your quilt.

Click here to find out how to prepare your quilt.

A deposit of 50% of quilting cost must be mailed with your quilt.
Please make checks payable to: Designing Quilts

If you have any questions, please contact me.

Thank you!
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